Have you been putting off your home improvements due to lack of funds?

Well, we have greats news for you.

We are happy to announce that we have partnered up with iFinance Home Improvement.

iFinance Home Improvement offers custom loans specific to your needs.  They cover all types of home renovations from flooring to staircases, to plumbing and painting, plus so much more. Our friendly team is fully trained to walk you through the process of applying in addition to the team of dedicated professionals over at iFinance Home Improvements. The application for seeking finance is free of charge so you do not have to worry about any hidden fees and costs. Before you apply, you can get in contact with us and one of our representatives will give you an estimated budget.


There are two ways you can apply, either by phone or online. In the application, you can specify how much money you would like to borrow and set your ideal terms. The terms range from 6 months to 6 years, so you have complete flexibility over the course of your loan. You also have the flexibility to choose whether you want finance for the whole renovation or just a portion of it. Once the decision has been made, you will be notified by phone. You will then need to send all the required documents back to iFinance Home Improvement. The process is simple, easy, and straightforward. The best part is there is no downpayment and they have a high approval rating. Professionals from their team will help you to set up a repayment plan that is suitable for your budget.


Better yet, iFinance Home Improvement do their best to get you the most competitive interest rates possible. You can get approval almost immediately. More importantly, our company has already been through a screening process and we are approved vendors. Another great factor is that there is no penalty on repayments. This means that you can make repayments before the end of your term If you are worried about your credit history, or you simply do not have a long enough credit history, then you can apply with a co-signer. Finance Home Improvement you can apply for more than one loan. However, each application has to go through the same process.


With iFinance Home Improvement, getting a loan has never been easier, so you no longer have to put off your home renovations.

Their flexibility, high approval and professionalism allow you to carry out your dream renovations with absolutely no headache.

We have partnered with IFinance and are now offering financing services to all our clients.

If you have any further questions get in touch with our customer service team who will be more than happy to help.