Modernizing your staircase is a great way to elevate your room’s style. There are numerous design options that are available, and it can be challenging to identify which modern stair design is best to not only complement the existing room, but also stand alone as a unique feature. The premier flooring contractors at Zelta Floor & Design have answered your most pressing questions below, including what a modern staircase design is, how to choose one, some modern staircase ideas, and so much more! 

What is a Modern Staircase Design

Modern staircases are increasingly becoming more popular and more in demand in the interior design world. Staircase design however is one of the more difficult aspects of an architect’s job when designing your home because there are building codes to abide by and in many areas, certain dimensions are required. 

With that said, the materials you choose, and the design elements incorporated both play a large role in achieving that modern staircase status. Metal, glass, or oak are popular materials for a modern staircase remodel and thin iron balusters, wide treads, and “open” staircases are trendy design elements in 2024. These stunning staircases share interest in homes and office spaces alike. The reason for the attraction is that metal and glass stairs, whether they feature a unique central spine or are installed conventionally straight, provide a sophisticated and dramatic visual appearance.

How to Choose Modern Staircase Design


Consider Your Home’s Interior

When choosing your modern stairs design, consider the amount of space you have available. You must ensure your new stairs meet all building regulations in addition to complimenting the overall design of your home. Carefully examining the area will help you come up with a design that appropriately fits the allocated space. If your home’s interior offers more space, then you may want to choose a larger, more ornate staircase. For instance, a straight staircase will take up more space in the room below yet call for a long, narrow rectangular aperture in the ceiling above. On the other hand, a spiral staircase requires a square or circular aperture in the ceiling above but takes up less space in the downstairs area.


Make it a Focal Point or Make it Flow

When designing your modern stairway, consider its location. Staircases come in many different designs, including straight, curved, spiral, space-saving and more. While designing your new staircase, it is in your best interest to consider choosing one that will best suit your personal preferences as well as the style of your home. You might decide on catering to the property’s center point by opting for a more contemporary set of stairs. Another option could be to select a spiral staircase as the focal point of the room because it looks best when it can fit in a bigger space. In any case, it’s critical to consider your lifestyle before deciding which staircase is right for you.


Match Your Staircase Stain

When designing a modern staircase, consider matching your staircase stain with the floor. You can coordinate the two by either using materials and finishes to seamlessly blend the design altogether, or if you prefer a new design, you can refinish the floor or install new flooring. Matching your staircase stain with the floor will offer the room a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look. Keep in mind when staining, lighter colours, most famously light sand, will provide a spacious, brighter feel, whereas darker colours will make the space look warmer and fuller.

How to Make Old Stairs Look Modern?

For those tired of their architecturally traditional staircase and are gravitating towards a modern, clean design, a re-staining can go a long way. If you have a carpet staircase, we recommend completely stripping it and recapping the stairs with new treads.

Modern Trend Alert!

A black and white palette is timeless, and the graphic quality of these colours can make a space more conducive to incorporating bright colours and modern furnishings into the mix. Adding a black newel post, railings, or stair treads have the ability to accentuate curves or the shape of the stairwell.

Moreover, these features paired with the colour white makes this an elegant two-tone treatment. This piano staircase design can match seamlessly to your current home design and will always be classic, creating a focal point without competing with the rest of the home. 

Modern Staircase Ideas

Modern staircases are known for their elegant features, high-quality materials, and complimentary colours. Zelta Floor & Design has been designing modern staircases for over 10 years and our professionally licensed and trained team of experts are proud to show just some of the spotlight choices homeowners are looking for in 2024.

The Classic Modern Staircase

This staircase defines modernity with its open risers, glass railings, and stainless-steel handrails. The clear and open design maximizes space and the build blends wonderfully into the aesthetic of the room.

The Contemporary Staircase Design

The white painted risers pair beautifully with the matching stained wood handrail. This is a suitable and long-lasting material. The density, durability, and heavier weight of hardwood makes them the ideal addition for all applications. The glass railings are a perfect touch as the transparent glass always allows you to see-through while staying protected.

Modern and Fresh White Railings

The white painted railings and the open risers elevate this staircase to appear more modern and spacious. The straight spindles add to the openness and will help add more natural light to shine through.

A Touch of Drama

The newel post design is a visually eye-catching feature that ties in the entire look of this modern staircase with the rest of the home. Without adding too much detail, the alternating black wide retangle balusters provides subtle modern details to the staircase design.

Stairway to Modernity

The modern staircase you see here showcases the white painted risers with wood treads on each step. The stainless-steel handrail used has high tensile strength, making it stronger than other materials such as timber. The glass railings are not only an aesthetically pleasing feature, but are also durable, safe, and increase the value of your home.

Step into Style

Here the homeowners requested for a contemporary staircase design so we matched the stain and handrails to the existing floors and selected straight balusters to keep it simple and modern.

The Illusion of Flight: Light Sand-Colored Floating Stairs

This open riser staircase facilitates a passage of natural light to flow through the gaps between the steps. The openings end up creating a more spacious and brighter feel, making this trendy design a great addition to any open-plan layout.

Classic Charm Meets Modern Design

This staircase is made modern with its white painted risers, wrought iron straight pickets, and newel post. It complements the hardwood stairs and flooring making for one seamless transition going in and out of the steps.  

Consult with Staircase Design Experts

We’ve learned today that metal, glass, and oak are the trendy staircase materials and wide treads, and the “open” concept are favourable design elements. When choosing a modern staircase design, consider your home’s Interior, make it a focal point or make it flow, and match your staircase stain. If you were intrigued by any of the proposed modern staircase ideas and you would like a modern stair design of your own, contact the flooring specialists at Zelta Floor & Design.

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