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If you are in Toronto or the GTA looking to install new flooring for your residential or commercial space, then Zelta Floor & Design’s team is just what you need! With years of experience installing floors, we have a cost-effective, durable, versatile solution to transform your interior. We offer flooring installation services for premium engineered wood floors from BOEN. By using artisan craftsmanship, we can deliver the highest standards for hardwood quality on the market today.

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BOEN Flooring Toronto

BOEN has built a brand of supplying hardwood flooring, ruled by passion, style, and craftsmanship. They have a long history, dating back as early as 1641, processing and working with quality wood to deliver unique products in Canada. BOEN flooring continues to be bold, innovative, and creative, and they are masterful at staying relevant in the rapidly changing world of interior design.

BOEN is one of Europe’s largest and modern producers of hardwood flooring and they continue to increase their worldwide market share by offering quality products to partners such as us! We here at Zelta Floor & Design share that same passion for product excellence and we showcase our commitment to high standards of quality and performance with the elite flooring options we choose to supply.

Sustainable and Innovative Flooring Solutions

BOEN is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality hardwood flooring using environmentally responsible practices. They are always tweaking and refining their comprehensive sustainability strategy to leave as small environmental footprint as possible.

BOEN floors has identified four core themes: management structure, supply chain, society, and environmental impact that they ensure to abide by as a wood processing company that values transparency and sustainability in all the work that they do. Similarly, Zelta Floor & Design is committed to offering eco-friendly and innovative flooring solutions in all our interior design projects, so we found it has been a perfect fit between us and the BOEN brand.

Our Services: Bringing Quality to Your Space

We provide a number of services for residential and commercial spaces to benefit from, including professional flooring installation, staircase renovations, and tile installation. Throughout all our available services, we incorporate BOEN’s high-quality materials to bring you hardwood flooring that is first-grade, environmentally friendly, stylish, and well-crafted.

We ensure every flooring project is unique, and you will have the ability to customize and design freely based on your style preferences and interior needs. We aim to bring you results that reflect your vision and end goal. Zelta Floor & Design’s team has an unmatched level of expertise in executing our services whilst using BOEN flooring materials with precision and excellence.

Get Premium BOEN Flooring for Your Home Renovation

We supply and fit magnificent BOEN floors with a friendly, professional service that does not compromise on quality. Browse our plethora of flooring options to find the BOEN hardwood that best fulfills your needs. For all Toronto and GTA residents, contact us for a free consultation and receive a quote on your next flooring project.