Staircase Renovation Services in Toronto

Zelta Floor & Design provides leading services in staircase refinishing in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. With our expertise, we specialize in staircase refinishing tailored to your preferences. Our knowledgeable team advises on the best materials and textures to create your dream stairs, be they classic or contemporary. Count on Zelta Floor & Design for superior quality service and craftsmanship.

Our Staircase Renovation Services in Toronto

Our staircase renovation service is tailored to provide you with the best staircase transformation that seamlessly blends with your home design. Whether you have damaged treads that need replacement or an updated modern railing system, the Zelta Floor & Design team can do it all as your one-stop shop for staircase renovation.

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Refinishing involves sanding down the existing wood surface of the staircase, repairing any damage, and applying new finishes like stains or paints. This can help restore the staircase’s appearance and protect the wood from wear and tear.

Recapping starts with the removal of any old or outdated carpet covering the existing staircase treads with new materials. Choose from wood or vinyl treads, to give your stairs a fresh and updated look. This can also involve adding new risers to match the new treads.

Balusters are the vertical posts that provide support to the handrail. During a renovation, you might choose to replace old or damaged balusters with new ones made from wood, wrought iron, or other materials, giving your staircase an updated aesthetic.

As part of the refinishing, you have the option to upgrade your railing system. You can choose from a variety of styles and materials to match your desired look and ensure safety from modern glass railings, solid iron spindles, or classic wood spindles.

Transform your stairs by changing the stain. This involves sanding down the old stain, applying the new stain of your choice, and varnish. Additionally, if you have an unfinished staircase, we can match the new stain to your existing floors.

Our carpet stairs services are a combination of durable, functional options while enhancing safety by minimizing slip hazards. Our design experts will guide you in selecting the best material and colour for a beautiful, finished look.

This style provides beautiful solutions to allow movement of light, opening up your home. Our famous open riser staircase combines contemporary design with functionality. You can add a personal touch by choosing from wood, metal, or glass railing systems.

Staircase Renovation Process

Staircase renovations can be quite a complicated process. It requires significant skills in building and interior space modeling. Our team will carefully evaluate your current staircase to understand what needs to be done for the renovation. Once we finalize the scope of work and you approve the quote, we will arrange a specific time to bring all the materials needed. This way, we can smoothly transition from assessment to the actual renovation, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.



We understand we can’t deliver a beautiful staircase renovation if the foundation is damaged so we start with removal of old components such as for example an old carpet. Next, we proceed with the preparatory work to clean the stairs from dust, dirt, old paint, and other imperfections.


Renovation or Refinishing

After our dustless sanding and repairing any imperfections, we proceed with the renovation. Our team of professionals work seamlessly with our project manager to ensure all of the required work is not only complete, but executed with the finest quality and craftsmanship. We believe our clients deserve the best, and our team is here to deliver those results.


Final Touches

At the end, we will reinstall the staircase components we removed earlier such as posts, balusters, spindles, handrails, and more. Before we part ways, we conduct a final inspection and provide any touch-ups required to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Clean up

We understand staircase renovations can be overwhelming, but we are here to take the stress away. We will always treat your home with care, providing daily clean-up and garbage removal. At the end of the project, we ensure your home is dust-free, and you can return to a beautifully transformed home.

Now, you see that the process of stair renovation with Zelta Floor & Design is very transparent and clear. Check our latest projects, we do everything to make you feel comfortable working with us.

How Much Does Staircase Renovation Cost in Toronto?

Staircase refinishing in Toronto is a significant investment, requiring careful consideration of various factors for accurate pricing. Our team will visit your home to discuss new staircase options, providing a detailed price list for our staircase renovation services, materials, and accessories. Once all details are agreed upon, we offer a fixed cost estimate in the contract, ensuring transparency and avoiding any changes to the final sum.

Example of staircase refinishing cost starting at $5,000-$6,000.

  • Sanding existing wood finish
  • Applying new stain finish
  • Installing new spindles
  • Installing new post

There are many factors involved that can affect the total cost of your staircase renovation or staircase remodeling such as:

  • Dismantling: Whether complete removal of the old staircase is necessary.
  • Preparatory Work: Time required for preparing the old stairs for repair.
  • Materials: The choice of materials for the new staircase, such as wood, glass, or metal.
  • Stair Elements: The selection of specific components like balusters, bushings, steps, railing, stringer, etc.

Additional factors may also impact pricing and are considered during the estimation process. All costs are provided during our on-site consultation for transparency. Zelta Floor & Design offers competitive prices for exceptional services.

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When you’re ready to transform your home with a staircase remodel, look no further than Zelta Floor & Design. Our skilled team specializes in professional staircase remodels, bringing beauty and functionality to your home. From classic to contemporary designs, we offer a range of options tailored to your style. Ready to get started? Book your design appointment today, we serve Toronto & GTA and let us transform your staircase into a work of art. Contact us now for a free consultation and embark on a stunning staircase remodel journey with Zelta Floor & Design.

Benefits of Staircase Refinishing Toronto

Through expert staircase renovation services you can enhance the safety, durability, and style of your home. Discover a cost-effective way to breathe new life into your space, one step at a time.

Focal Point Of Your Home

Your staircase is typically one of the first things your guests will see and although many forget, it is a centerpiece of your home. When treated as such, it can transform your home into a sanctuary, adding character and elevating your interior design.

Safety Hazard

Minimize safety hazards of slips and falls for your family by maintaining your stairs. Shaky handrails or creaky treads often signal the need for staircase renovations to prevent accidents. Let Zelta Floor & Design provide the solution to restore your staircase back to the building code so you can have peace of mind.

Improve Home Value

Updating your staircase to a modern, contemporary look to appeal to buyers can improve your home value. By investing in a well-maintained, renovated staircase, you can rest assured that your home becomes a compelling choice for buyers vs outdated homes on the market

Match Your Interior Design

The overall appearance of your staircase is a key factor in maintaining a cohesive interior design. If you have an unfinished staircase or if your current staircase does not match your floors, we provide customized solutions to turn your stairs into a masterpiece.

Staircase Styles

Choose from different styles of staircases that will complement your space while blending functionality with aesthetics, creating a statement piece that suits your taste and home decor perfectly.

Piano Style

This staircase design feels so elegant and luxurious due to the rich, deep dark colour stain chosen for the treads. White accent-painted risers and treads complete the piano-style appearance.

Silver Grey

Two-tone grey staircase requires a lot of blending and mixing to achieve the perfect finish. The customized grey stain can be blended with some shades of brown, white, or beige for a modern and contemporary look.

stairs renovation - Zelta
Unfinished Wood Staircase Staining

Having an unfinished staircase means you have a particular staircase design in mind and won’t leave it to any contractor. At Zelta Floor & Design, we can match any shade of your floors to your staircase and transform your staircase into the focal point of your home.

Floating Staircase

Installing a floating staircase will give the illusion of steps suspended midair, creating a minimalistic and sleek look for your home. By removing traditional risers and adding glass or metal railings, this architectural staircase design will be the centerpiece of your home.

Be Inspired by Our Projects

Use the gallery to browse our images, be inspired by the attractive interiors that we have created. The collection is a place to find the right look for your design ideas from our customers and the world of interior design.

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How do you make stairs look modern?

To make stairs look modern, consider staircase remodeling. You can choose sleek designs and incorporate metal and glass materials. When it comes to colour palette, choose stains that will match your floors. For best results, contact us for a free consultation and we’ll be more than happy to provide modern staircase remodeling solutions.

Can you refinish a staircase?

Yes, it is possible to refinish a staircase. Refinishing a staircase involves sanding down the existing finish, repairing any damages, applying a new stain or paint, and adding a protective coat. This process will restore your staircase’s beauty and durability. Call us today for a free consultation on your staircase refinishing in Toronto.

Is it hard to change a staircase?

Changing a staircase can be a complex and labour-intensive process. It involves structural modifications, carpentry work, and potentially coordinating with other tradespeople. Depending on the extent of the changes, it may require professional expertise and experience. It is recommended to consult with professionals like Zelta Floor & Design who specialize in staircase renovations to ensure a safe and successful transformation.

When should I replace my stairs?

You should consider replacing your stairs when they show significant signs of wear, damage, or structural instability. This can include issues like extensive rotting, excessive squeaking, loose or broken steps, or significant cracks. Additionally, if you desire a different design or style for your staircase, a replacement may be necessary. Contact our design team and we can assess the condition of your stairs and provide expert advice on whether staircase remodeling, refinishing or replacement is the appropriate solution.