When starting a business, everything has to look and feel clean. Everything has to be in pristine condition, from the doors to the wall to the cabinets, and the stuff you’ll be using. One thing that most business owners fail to see the cleanliness of is the floor.

Floors might not mean much, but once a customer steps on it and notices something off, it can ruin the whole experience they’re going to have inside your business or property. Flooring is often the last thing on most business owners’ minds, but don’t let that mistake grow into an expensive repair or restoration. Here are some tips to heed to protect your commercial flooring.

Steam is the Way

All you’d need to clean the floor is a mop and bucket. However, these cleaning tools only spread dirt all over the floor instead of actually cleaning it. With our situation calling for more cleanliness, ditch the mop and bucket and go for a steam mop. 

Steam mops utilize steam and less water, so your floor will dry quickly. Since steam is effective in killing bacteria, mold, and other nasties on your floor, the steam mop is the best way to clean and, in a way, disinfect your floor.

Using Rugs

Using thick rugs is an excellent way to reduce the wear and tear your floor experiences. In rooms with high foot traffic, rugs are particularly effective in preventing damage to your floor. If you’re going to use such rugs, make sure they’re slip-resistant so they won’t cause any accidents. Aside from protecting your floor from damage, rugs can also keep it clean underneath.

Using Entrance Mats

Speaking of rugs, another reliable layer you can add to protect your floor is by using mats. You can put mats at the entrances of your establishment for better results. Your customers will first step on the mat by placing it at the entrance. 

The mat, in turn, gathers the dirt and other residue stuck on your customer’s shoes before they enter and step on your floor. Aside from keeping your place clean, mats are a good welcoming sign as well. There are lots of decorative rugs you can use for your establishment.

Protect Floors from Direct Sunlight

When floors are directly exposed to the sun for long periods, your floors can get a faded appearance. Although it can’t be helped, there are ways to limit your floor’s exposure to sunlight. For one, you could use drapes and curtains to block out the sun during the hottest times of the day.

If you don’t want to block out sunlight totally, you could try angled blinds. These blinds still allow a limited amount of sunlight in. It could also direct the light elsewhere, making it a good alternative for heavy curtains and drapes.

Regular Assessment

Always do a periodic assessment of the status of your property. Of course, a thorough assessment from a certified inspector can point out several problems within your establishment that you need to repair or improve. Everything from the lighting, plumbing, ceiling, electrical outlets, etc., is checked.

The floor is no exception as these services often leave no stone unturned. Regular assessment helps you save money as preventive maintenance often follows. Instead of costly repairs or replacements, preventive maintenance can cost little to nothing. You can do preventive maintenance checks weekly, monthly, or even quarterly, depending on the traffic in the area and the nature of your business.


A clean establishment always speaks volumes of how well ownership and management take care of their business. A business that’s thriving should take care of its property. Windows, doors, plumbing, and even the floors should be checked thoroughly. Remember the tips mentioned above to help keep your commercial flooring in tip-top shape

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