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Flooring Installation Contractors in Kleinberg

A new floor begins with having the right team of experts by your side. Zelta has been helping homeowners choose the right flooring for their home or business for years. We offer a full range of flooring options that will enhance the look and value of your home. We guarantee the highest-quality materials at a price that suits your budget. Discover the many ways that Zelta can improve the look of your home or provide stunning new flooring on your new construction project.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Kleinburg (Solid and Engineered)

One of the most elegant and luxurious options for flooring is hardwood. Two options are available to suit your design goals and budget. Traditional hardwood is durable and made from popular materials like maple or oak. Engineered wood creates the same effect as hardwood, but at a more affordable price. Engineered hardwood is created using a blend of engineered and hardwood to create a look that is flawless and indistinguishable from traditional hardwood flooring. You will love engineered hardwood in your kitchen, dining room or bedroom. Based on your budget and lifestyle needs, your contractor will help you find the right hardwood flooring option for your home.

Laminate Flooring Installation Kleinburg

For many years, homeowners have trusted laminate flooring to stand up to day-to-day life. Giving the same look as hardwood flooring, laminate is an affordable alternative to hardwood floors. Easy to install, you can have a new look in just a few hours. This flooring option stands up to spills, and foot traffic, while providing an easy to maintain surface. There is no refinishing required, just use a light cleaner and mop to keep your floors looking great.


Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation Kleinburg

Vinyl plank flooring allows you to create customized designs that look just like other flooring options. This means you can have the look of hardwood, vinyl or tile at an affordable price. Incredibly durable, vinyl flooring is great for homes with kids or areas that get a lot of traffic. It repels water making it a great solution for kitchen floors, allowing you to build a luxurious looking kitchen at a price that fits your budget.

Commercial hardwood floor refinishing

Commercial Flooring Installation Kleinburg

Your business relies on making a good impression. We understand how important it is to have a floor that fills this role while standing up to day-to-day business. We can create custom flooring designs that match your business aesthetic. We can help you create stunning showrooms, office spaces, and meeting places that are inviting. Our designs capture the message you want to share with your clients, that your team is efficient, professional, and focused on excellence. Our commercial flooring installation experts will be able to help you choose the right floor for the scale and type of commercial establishment you operate.

Residential Flooring Installation Kleinburg

You want a floor that is durable, inviting and looks great. This starts with the team at Zelta

We can provide a wide range of flooring installation services that includes everything from hardwood flooring installation to vinyl plank flooring installation. We handle the entire job from removing your existing flooring to ensuring that your new flooring perfectly matches the look of your home. 

Contact our floor installation contractor team to book a free consultation to review your design ideas. We will put together a concept that will allow you to bring your vision to life. Call us today for a quote.

Why we are chosen in Kleinburg

Planning of all work stages

Delivery of materials, mounting crew`s work, quality control – all these nuances we plan in advance and agree with our client. Be sure that all processes are under careful control of our project managers.

Meeting deadlines

Thanks to the planning and well-coordinated work of our team, we meet deadlines for installation work. Even in the event of unforeseen circumstances, we try to take an individual approach and meet deadlines for installation of floor.

Transparent prices

Our team has a clear schedule of work and a list of materials used for each project. All this is specified in the final price list of the project. We have no hidden fees and the price depends on the scope of work.

Quality Control

At all stages of installation our team follows internal quality control protocols for service delivery. This allows us to implement reliable long-term projects and most importantly – to please each customer with the result.

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Past Projects

For our projects, we use exclusive, high-quality and proven materials. By applying our experience, knowledge and craftsmanship, we create magnificent design spaces that redefine elegance.

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