Our Glass Railings Systems

We offer three main types of glass railing systems to choose from for a modern and contemporary look.


This glass railing system uses standoffs (round stainless steel cylinders) to secure the glass in place. The holes are pre-drilled, then the glass is leveled and the standoffs are secured to the glass panels.

Engineered hardwood flooring installation - Zelta

In this system, the glass panels are secured by clips mounted to the posts or on the shoe railing. You can also choose either wood or steel posts that will compliment your overall interior design.


This railing system is where the glass panels are secured within the top railing and bottom shoe. The glass panels exist within a wooden framework. The Dadoed glass railing style is visually the cleanest looking style because there are no clips or hardware to be seen.

Additionally, we offer handrails in three different finishes: stained wood, stainless steel and black metal to compliment these systems.

Glass Railings Installation Process


Initial Consultation and Preparation

First we set up a preliminary call to discuss what you need for the glass railings installation and we discuss our process. After you send us photos of your current staircase, we will schedule an on-site consultation to determine the exact scope of work for the glass railings installation.


Removal of Existing Railings

After we decide on the scope of work and you agree on the quote, we can proceed with the installation. The first step is to remove the existing railings and we will address any holes or patches required.


Refinishing the Staircase

Afterwards, we will sand down your existing staircase to remove any scratches, damages and to strip it of the existing colour so a new stain can be applied to compliment your home’s interior.


Template Measurements and Design

We’ll then take precise measurements to order the exact measurements for the glass railings. This way you can be confident that the customized glass railings will be made to perfectly fit your staircase.


Glass Production and Customization

Once the measurements are done, we proceed to produce the glass railings. It usually takes about two weeks to produce the glass panels.


Installation for Existing Stairs

Once the custom glass railings are produced, we will schedule the installation date and then install the glass railings based on the style you’ve chosen. Our team will ensure that your new railings are installed properly and safely so you don’t need to worry.


After we finish the installation, our team will happily present your newly installed glass railings, leaving you with a beautifully transformed space.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Glass Railings In Toronto?

The average cost to install glass railings in Toronto is $300 per linear foot. There are a number of factors that will determine the final cost, including the design, railing material, overall scope of work, and more.

For example, a staircase with 13 steps can cost approx. $4,000 and may vary depending on any additional features. We recommend contacting us at Zelta Floor & Design for a more personalized quote.

During our on-site consultations, we also conduct an on-site assessment to provide you with clear costs based on the work involved. To obtain a quote for your glass railings, contact us conveniently via our online form or call 647-997-5114. Our responsive managers will address your inquiries, provide detailed answers, and schedule the arrival of our expert team to refinish your floors.

Book a Free Design Consultation

Our design consultation is not about us – it’s about you. We want to learn more about your vision and style so we can provide you with the best glass railing solutions that will compliment your home. We will guide you through the stain and design options that will enhance your home’s interior so you can believe you are in the right place with your staircase transformation.

Benefits of Glass Railing Installation

We have always prided ourselves in using the best materials for any staircase renovation project and installing glass railings is no different. We have our glass railings specifically manufactured locally in Toronto and they are made to order. No matter what dimensions or shape your staircase is, we can create and install custom glass railings to your liking.

Professional Installation

Our crew consists of professional craftsmen who are experts in their trade. After each installation, we always inspect and ensure each glass railing is installed without a hitch.

Wide Selection

We offer a variety of handrail colours, post styles, and stains to compliment your home’s design.


You only get the best materials for your glass railings, materials that we are proud to use in our own homes.


Our glass railing designs provide safety while elevating your home at the same time.

Design Always in Style

While trends come and go, glass railings are designed to have a lasting impact. It’s a modern and contemporary design where you don’t need to worry about it being outdated.

Reliable Service

Throughout our years of service, we have perfected our installation process to be efficient and dependable to bring you the best results. Our commitment to you ensures a hassle-free experience.


What are the disadvantages of glass railings?

The biggest drawback of glass railings is the demand for frequent cleaning. Fingerprints, dust, and debris are easily noticeable, which can affect visual appeal, especially when entertaining guests.

Are tempered glass railings safe?

Yes, tempered glass railings are considered safe. Tempered glass is processed to be stronger and more durable than regular glass which makes it a common modern railing style.