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Installing floors to transform your interior space is what we do best here at Zelta Floor & Design. Our vetted contractors are specialized in flooring solutions, and we offer our services in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area. By collaborating with EGGER, a renowned manufacturer known for its sustainable and innovative wood-based products, we’re able to bring you the best quality engineered hardwood available today. Our years of experience in working with premium brands such as EGGER truly shows just in how we expertly install these products.

EGGER’s Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

EGGER, established in 1961, is a leader in the wood-based products industry. They are a steadily growing global family company with a rich heritage and a presence worldwide. EGGER Canada is dedicated to fulfilling sustainable practices, including responsible wood use, sustainable forestry by using wood that comes from 100% verified legal and controlled sources. and a commitment to reducing climate-impacting emissions. 

EGGER partakes in a closed material cycle and puts forth serious efforts in waste reduction, energy-efficient production, and recycling by using waste wood in their production of wood-based materials that comes from disposed goods, such as pallets, furniture, or packaging material. To continually improve their environmental performance in the production process, EGGER flooring opts for internationally certified energy and environmental management systems.

Zelta Floor & Design Installation of EGGER Products

Our team of skilled tradespeople are well versed in installing various EGGER products, including their TFL products, designed for enhanced performance, and Laminate offerings, versatile for high-traffic surfaces. Our available EGGER wood products cater to both residential and commercial spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and more.

With such access to a wide range of styles and features provided by EGGER’s collections, you can benefit from styling your interior design project just how you’ve always wanted. By delivering the right wood-based materials for you, no matter what your requirements, we guarantee you will receive a refined installation process with trend-oriented decors and surfaces.

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Customized Solutions for Every Space

You will have a variety of options of stain and hardwood options available to consider when we collaborate with you to choose the right EGGER flooring for your specific interior design project. Our flooring specialists are thorough and careful when undergoing the installation process because all the little details are so important to ensure beautiful, long-lasting results.

We offer tailored solutions that meet the style and functional needs of any home or commercial space, leveraging EGGER Canada’s diverse and innovative product line.

Choose Zelta for Your EGGER Flooring Needs

When you need EGGER’s environmentally responsible and high-quality flooring products, choose the team here at Zelta Floor & Design. With our decorated history of working with top hardwood products such as EGGER, we ensure durability and style will surely radiate across the room. We can create magnificent and elegant design spaces at your request! Contact us today to learn more about how you can use our flooring installation services to begin elevating your interior space.