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Here at Zelta Floor & Design, our expertise is in flooring installations for all types of materials including engineered hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and solid wood floors. We provide flooring solutions in Toronto and across the GTA that are just as innovative as the interiors they are meant to fill. Our partnership with Grandeur Flooring aligns with our commitment to top-quality, sustainable flooring solutions that complement contemporary and classic interior​ spaces.

Grandeur Flooring: Excellence in Design and Quality

Grandeur Flooring manufactures premium quality, timeless flooring materials that push the boundaries of excellence. We offer a vast collection of Grandeur Flooring’s contemporary and classic flooring options made from sustainable materials to outfit any interior. Well-known and highly chosen for their ability to accentuate the interior area of any space they fill by supplying beautiful and unique flooring solutions.

Grandeur Flooring specializes in designing, distributing, and servicing a range of flooring options including engineered, vinyl, solid, and hardwood floors​​​​. They have a top reputation for providing innovative flooring solutions with an extensive selection of finishes, natural textures, and rich colours​​ available. As a Grandeur Flooring dealer, Zelta Floor & Design has a strong collaboration with the company’s use of sustainable materials and adherence to Canadian standards​​.

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Grandeur Engineered Hardwood Collections

Grandeur Flooring’s engineered hardwood floors are bold and sturdy, making them ideal to withstand Toronto climate. These flooring panels are reinforced with layers running in opposite directions, providing a strong multi-surface core. The Grandeur engineered hardwood collections include the Artisan, Herringbone, Ultra, and Regal Collections, each of which contain unique features like hickory engineered flooring, herringbone patterns, and European white oak with hand-crafted finishes​​​.

All engineer hardwood products are made from impeccable lumber materials that are sourced from reputable locations around the world. As a flooring installation company that takes pride in the materials we offer, we value the quality, cutting edge resources, innovation, and design that Grandeur Flooring upholds.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Grandeur Vinyl Flooring Collections

We offer Grandeur Flooring’s series of quality vinyl flooring collections which include Luxury SPC Vinyl Planks, SPC Vinyl Tile, and SPC Vinyl Planks. Each of these collections has unique features such as the Bliss Collection’s construction from Wood Plastic Composite, the Designer Collection’s Herringbone configurations which create a visually interesting pattern that is reminiscent of luxurious European-styled interior designs, and the Continental Collection’s emphasis on trendy, light-coloured tones​​. 

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Grandeur Flooring Professional Installation

Our licensed and insured contractors tailor our approach when installing Grandeur hardwood flooring to maximize the beauty and functionality of each unique option.

We have the ability to work with Grandeur Flooring’s diverse collections, ensuring a high-quality installation that enhances the style and value of any residential or commercial interior.

Transform Your Space with Grandeur Flooring 

Our team is known as the premier flooring installation company in Toronto and all of the Greater Toronto Area. We provide professional installation offering a perfect blend of style, quality, and sustainability. To install the beautifully resilient wood floors of the Grandeur Flooring Collection, contact us today.