Floor Refinishing Toronto

Don’t worry if your hardwood floors have taken a bit of abuse from pets, or children playing or are in areas of high footfall. We can help you get your floors looking like they once did with a team of flooring specialists who are experts at refinishing hardwood floors.

Professional Management

All our projects are managed by experts in their field, who have years of experience. They deliver on time and to perfection, maintaining the highest quality, assessed against our exacting standards.

No Delays

We take into account all the contingencies when we plan a project. When we promise you a delivery date, we stick to it.

Regular Supervision

We have a rigorous quality control system, regular supervision the quality of floor materials and ensuring that the daily floor refinishing work runs smoothly and professionally.


We use the latest floor sanding machinery, that gives the best possible finish and minimizes dust contamination during the process. Securing any loose floorboards, repairing any damaged ones or replacing those that are beyond repair.

We can also seal the floor by applying oil, wax, or lacquer with approved and tested products that are low odor and eco- friendly. Our hardwood floor finishes are no or low VOC, effective, beautiful and durable.

What Do We Do?

Restoring hardwood floors is a simple and cost-efficient way to revitalize your floor. Unlocking an old floor's hidden beauty involves dustless sanding and staining. We use the latest tools, technology, and products to provide a superior finish.

Full circle of refinishing
  1. Solid hardwood floor refinishing (wood floor deep sand, stain and varnish)
  2. Unfinished wood floor staining
  3. Hardwood floor screening/ buffing (wood floor light sand and varnish)

Be Inspired by Our Projects

Use the flooring gallery to browse our images, be inspired by the attractive interiors that we have created. The collection is a place to find the right look for your design ideas from our customers and the world of interior design.

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Floor Expression

Floor refinishing can help restore the original beauty of your flooring and maintain the economic value that a hardwood floor can add to your home.

Lacquering Wood Floors
Natural Finish

After we have sanded your floors we can then apply a natural finish with varnish for a new and contemporary look with maximum protection with low odor and eco friendly products.

staining hardwood floor
Stain & Varnish

Applying a fresh coat of stain on your hardwood flooring can renew the original color or update your look. We then finish off with a varnish to offer added protection to the flooring.

These are the questions we get asked most often about floor refinishing.

  • A hardwood refinish is one of the simplest ways to dramatically improve the look and feel of your hardwood floors and add value to your home. With a careful sanding off of the top layer of your hardwood floor you can refinish the floor with a new color stain or varnish.

  • We use the latest floor sanding machinery that gives the best possible finish and minimizes dust contamination during the process. While no process is 100% dustless, it does take care of 90-95% of the dust.

  • When we undertake a refinishing project we secure any loose floorboards, repair any damaged ones or replace those that are beyond repair.

  • Refinishing a hardwood floor can only be done so many times, since sanding the floor down to a new and untainted surface needs enough wood surface to be left to refinish.