Laminate material is not a new product in the market but the buzz it is getting among consumers gives many people pause. Since its emergence in the 70s, laminate continues to improve its quality. As a result, it has held the popularity crown among consumers. When properly selected, the floors can become the statement of your space. After all, isn’t it the first space people come into contact with when entering a room? For many individuals, laminate is their found flooring.

Laminate is taking over the flooring industry, and isn’t it time we learned why? In a few words, laminate’s popularity is thanks to its superior features. Upgrades made to laminate flooring over the years make it is a competent contender with other flooring options like tile and vinyl. Its features have been improved, and that is one of the reasons it is popular.


Flooring space is a financial commitment, and to be frank; it is not cheap. The materials and installation expenses alone set your finances back substantially. For this reason, only many people pass the chance of having wood-like or stone flooring in their home. But what if we told you there’s a quality yet affordable option? Laminate is a cost-efficient material that you can purchase for as little as $1.00-$3.00 per sqft. Its ability to mimic floors on the price side allows homeowners to enjoy wood-like flooring without the financial burden.  Compared to other floorings, laminate is much more affordable, and considering the quality, it is quite a steal.

Extremely tough

If you are looking for wear-resistant flooring material, you have a friend in laminate. With the upgrades made to laminate, the quality is better, making it a hard-wearing floor. Because laminate can withstand punishment, you can use it in rooms with high foot traffic. If you have pets or kids who like playing on the floor, you have no reason to worry about scratches. Laminate is durable, which makes it a floor worth your investment.

Spot on aesthetics

Laminate is one of the most admired floors in the market. Throughout the decades it has undergone development, manufacturers have improved its quality and its look. Laminate is available in various designs varying from metal, stone to wood look-alikes; the photographic image is made to look realistic; thus, you can find whatever style or color suits your space.

Super comfortable

If you want the perfect combo of durable and comfortable, think laminate. The flooring is installed with a thin foam cushion underlayment, which means your feet will not directly contact the subfloor. The cushion provides soft underfoot that is comfortable to walk on and, let’s not forget, perfect for drowning out foot noise. You can seek the help of a flooring expert to add an extra soundproof layer for sound insulation.

Easy-care floors

Among homeowners, a significant percentage includes the elderly, young working adults, and people with kids. All these categories include individuals you will less likely find on their knees dealing with stubborn floor stains. Laminate is a good flooring option because it is among the easiest to clean. You can keep it clean by sweeping or wiping it with plain clean water. Laminate is low maintenance as you can get by requiring only a damp cloth to keep clean and laminate cleaner to get rid of stubborn messes.

Installation made easy

News for all DIY enthusiasts, laminate is on the line! If you were waiting for a chance to take on a DIY project, here laminate flooring is it. Since expert skills are not a requirement , laminate is among the most straightforward floors to install, making it the perfect choice if you are on a tight budget. With a few tutorial videos, you can save several pounds by hiring a flooring contractor.

Is laminate’s popularity enough for you to use in your space? The question is yours to ponder.  Ultimately, the decision you make should be based on your needs and preference. The fact, however, remains that laminate is a high-quality material; thus, it is only right to get the best for you. Laminate is one of the most popular flooring, thus, could be an asset in your space. With this piece, we hope that you can finally give laminate flooring a chance in your home.