The fact is hardwood floors are stunning. Apart from the elegant look it brings into space, the look of authentic wood beats all mimics in the market. It is no wonder homeowners are ready to give an arm and leg to upscale their homes with hardwood flooring. Achieving the perfect look for your floors is what people should focus on once they have selected the wood for the flooring.  Surface texture is something many people do and this is where textures and finishes come.  Homeowners who want to incorporate a unique finishing to their floors can finish the hardwood or opt to texture them. Both are great options.

Types of Hardwood Floor Finishes

When getting hardwood as your flooring, the look and durability of your floors bank not just on the material and maintenance but also on the finishing you choose, so here are a few options for a head start.

  • Water-based Polyurethane

Popularly known for its signature wet look, it is the finish most commonly used in hardwood floors. Offering a clear finish that is not amber, this hardwood finish is ideal for rooms with neutral colors and whites. In addition, the finish comes in multiple sheens, from high-gloss, semi-gloss, and satin to matte, which means flexibility for homeowners when deciding their look. Apart from the sacrificial layer that will extend the life of your wood floors, water-based polyurethane is easy to clean.

  • Oil sealer

Are you looking for a finish that will enhance both the patterns and color of the wood? The oil sealer has a low gloss that brings out the warm feel of authentic wood. All DIYers pay attention. If you plan on turning the finishing into a do-it-yourself project, this is an easier-to-use finish stain; however, the drying time could take up to 48 hours per coat, and it requires several coats; how does it look? Think brown and golden stains, so if your home borders antique and traditional style, you will hit the bull’s eye with this finish. If you do settle for this finish, remember to keep up with touch-ups later.

  • Hardwax oil

For years, a hot commodity in Europe, hardwax, has been making its way back into our homes; why wouldn’t it? Hardwax oil is everything polyurethane is not. Apart from being environmentally friendly, hardwax oil has a more enhanced matte finish, giving the floors a more authentic look and feel of wood. It is easy to apply and has excellent protection on wood floors, making it a favorite of many homeowners. As you make your choice, keep in mind, hardwax finishes are susceptible to staining, and refinishing is a requirement every two to three years.


Texture Types or Hardwood Floors

When considering hardwood floors, the surface texture is more considered if you want to extend their durability and lifespan. Additionally, the texture will easily hide the effects of abuse from foot traffic, high heels, and scratches after years of use.

  • Wire brushed

Wire brushing hardwood is the process of opening the grain of the wood to expose the heart by using a hard-bristle wire brush made of steel. The softwood grain is removed, and the hardwood grain remains, which gives your floors better durability. The distressed look created by the wire brush gives your floor personality and would look great for rustic and farmhouse interiors. The wire brush technique is an excellent choice for hardwoods like oak and hickory and could be paired with a matte finish to complete the look.

  • Smooth

Is the gleaming lustrous look the vision you have for your floor? Smooth finished wood is the texture for you; its look speaks elegance which marries well within modern, traditional, and cottage styles. You can throw any concerns about the floor matching your décor because the smooth finished style is timeless and will match the aesthetics of any space. When it comes to maintenance, smooth-finished floors are easy to clean and require minimal upkeep. Even when they begin to appear worn out years down the line, you have the option to sand and refinish the floors to refresh their look.   

  • Hand-scraped

The hand-scraping technique has been around for years, way before sanding became a thing. People used it as a way to even out deformities in wooden planks like bumps and lumps. Hand scraping today requires carefully working with the wood’s natural grain to create a distressed look. This is done by creating rows of depressions on the surface of the floorboards.  If you have kids or pets in the home, the scratches and scuffs they make on the floor can easily blend in with the worn-out patches and scratches from hand scraping.  Although this texture is ideal for rustic designs, the contrasts it makes in a modern setting make it an option to consider for your floors.

When it comes to settling for a type of finish or texture, you have all the ingredients needed for creating the perfect look for your floors. All that is left is for you to make the choice that will transform your hardwood from just wood to stunning! With an array of styles and textures at your disposal, your decision should be simple. Your floor is your choice, but select the finish and texture type that speaks to you. Your beautiful hardwood floor awaits!

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