Whether you are a homeowner looking to floor refinishing or remodel your living area looking for ideas for your upcoming project, Zelta Floor and Design is here to explore the latest hardwood flooring trends shaping the design field in 2024.

Let’s explore the exciting developments changing the modern hardwood floors, from cutting-edge styles to design patterns that take the hardwood flooring Installation industry by storm.

What is Modern Flooring Style?

Modern flooring styles include various design elements and materials hugely popular in interior design. These designs reflect the most recent technology developments and aesthetic choices in the flooring industry.

When searching for modern home flooring,  here are four components to look for:

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Neutral Colour Palettes: Modern flooring uses neutral hues like beige, black, white, and grey. These colours facilitate simple coordination with various décor styles and provide a flexible backdrop for various home design components.

Large Format Planks: Many modern flooring choices come in larger plank formats, especially when looking for flooring ideas for the main floor. The large planks are usually considered over 5′ wide, and homeowners can choose from anywhere between 6-12′ inch wide planks depending on their taste and preference. The wider the planks, the lesser the seams, and it also gives your space a feeling of consistency and openness, which makes it look more spacious.

High-Quality Finishes: Modern flooring is frequently treated with protective coatings and high-quality sealants to improve longevity and simplicity of care. When choosing modern home flooring, most people go for a velvet or matte finish, but if you are inclined to the shining gloss finish, then it is a great option, too.

Innovation: Today’s flooring designs frequently use cutting-edge technology, including heated floors and wire-brushed floors, and they use recycled, sustainable, and environment-friendly elements that improve the natural characteristics of wood.


Modern vs. Contemporary Flooring

In interior design, the phrases “modern” and “contemporary” are sometimes used synonymously; yet, when it comes to flooring and general design principles, they signify different things.

Modern flooring mostly features clean lines and an uncluttered look with a significant focus on functionality. Modern design features include a neutral colour palette, geometric pattern and large format planks or tiles. Contemporary flooring features a broader range of colours, designs, and materials depending on the trend.

Think about whether you want to go with the ever-evolving contemporary design trends that are now in style or if you want to embrace the traditional, modern look when picking flooring for your room. Your decision should be based on your tastes and the general look you want your project to have.

Modern vs. Mid-Century Modern Flooring

It’s important to know where to find inspiration while redesigning your space. There are hundreds of well-liked design aesthetics, each with distinctive characteristics derived from a particular area or era. Modern or mid-century styles, however, can align with your tastes if you want things to seem more current. These two are similar but not the same, which is why it is essential that you understand the core differences between the two.

The mid-century modern style uses materials such as metal and wood to emphasize the appearance and usefulness of your flooring. Many homeowners go for a dark, vintage look with a very noticeable splash of colour that fills the room with a little more character.

On the other end, modern design is defined more with clean lines and natural materials, drawing inspiration from the 1940s. This design style focuses more on minimalism and symmetry to achieve a more natural balance between function and beauty. Some modern flooring colours include greys and light beiges, which complement all aesthetics and decorations.

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Top Modern Wood Flooring Ideas

When it comes to replacing your engineered hardwood flooring, it can end up being a big part of your renovation project. To help you gather inspiration, our team has gathered the top trends of modern flooring ideas for 2024. 

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Herringbone Modern Hardwood Floor Design

The herringbone pattern consists of rectangular wood planks arranged in a zigzag pattern. It gives your space a sense of elegance and excitement. It blends seamlessly among both retro-style areas and ultra-modern homes.

Another huge plus is that these patterns allow homeowners to experiment with the direction and flow of their flooring. If you want to add a sense of luxury and style to your home flooring, use the classic light wooden colour in a herringbone pattern and revamp your entire floor aesthetic.

Natural Mid-Century Modern Flooring

This natural mid-century interior look goes amazingly well with modern flooring colours like light brown, beige, and other warm, earthy tones. These hues encourage peace and a sense of connection to the outdoors, drawing more and more homeowners. Natural mid-century modern flooring includes minimalist elegance and can create a bright and airy atmosphere within your space. It also serves as a blank canvas for all kinds of decorative pieces you want to include in your interior design.

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Classic Gray Floors

In the current market, smoky grey tones are among the top sellers. Grey wood has a beautiful and highly adaptable texture. It blends seamlessly with both modern and rustic décor styles. Trending for 2024, smoked oak has been gaining popularity. The wood is full of character and has lovely grain patterns that come to life in grey tones, which complements a variety of contemporary to transitional decor.

Timeless Light Brown Flooring

A classic light brown wood floor option may provide your house with comfort, adaptability, and long-lasting charm. Light brown hues offer a neutral background that works well with many design ideas. When you choose soft brown flooring, we recommend choosing the width and finish that not only complement the rest of your home but can withstand everyday traffic in your household. 


Need a Hardwood Flooring Consultation?

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