Depending on who you ask, engineered wood is considered an upgrade to solid wood. Don’t get us wrong. We understand the appeal of authentic wood, but we can’t ignore the downsides we sign up for when choosing it for your space. It is not just expensive but also easily susceptible to damage.

What makes engineering wood different? Engineered wood is natural wood; however, unlike solid wood, made from one piece of wood, it is made from hardwood veneer combined with a plywood core. Combining the two, engineered wood combines durability and luxury to give buyers looking to buy hardwood floors more choices than ever.

Not yet sold? No worries because there is more. Over the years, engineered wood has gained popularity and become a worthy contender among floorings like natural wood, laminate and vinyl. Why the fuss? Engineered wood flooring has gained favor with buyers because of its many great qualities, which we will address below.

Less costly

The appeal and timeless feel of solid hardwood floors have many eager to have it in their space, but many are discouraged by the prices. Let’s face it; wood is not cheap. On the other hand, engineered wood is less costly, and it offers the same appeal as natural wood. Even with its affordable pricing, it does not deter its look because once installed, it is even hard to distinguish from hardwood flooring.

Versatility in looks

Style, color, finishes and size, one word to describe engineered hardwood floors, would be versatile. The top layer of the floors allows for flexibility of style as you can get it in any wood. And because timber is available in different colors and grain, you can go with a style that works best for you and your space. With its dimensional stability, you can get engineered wood flooring customized to your liking, from size to creative floor patterns of your choice.

Compatible with underheat flooring

Even with the top layer of flooring being solid wood, homeowners sometimes want extra warmth for their underfoot. Underfloor heating system for floors is a modern concept that many people embrace, especially those in cooler areas or rooms that experience temperature changes. With engineered wood flooring, you do not have to think twice about getting a warmer underfoot because the floors are compatible with underfloor heating.

Stands up to temperature fluctuations

A common concern for people who choose hardwood floors for their space is the effect temperature changes have on them. Engineered wood is constructed so that the hardwood top layer runs perpendicular to the plywood base offers engineered wood floors with more stability and strength. This feature makes it more resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, thus making warping highly unlikely.

Easy installation

Many buyers are put off taking on floor installation projects because the assumption is you have to be skilled or handy to handle them. Contrary to this, most engineered hardwood flooring is available in a click-fitting system that is easy to install. With installation being quick and easy, one can easily DIY their floors, cutting out the cost of hiring a flooring contractor.


The thought of cutting down trees just to enjoy wooden floors does not sit right with many environmentally conscious people, and rightfully so. Engineered wood floor is sustainable as it is made from lumber from young trees to attain the same density and strength of grown timber. Because it uses all parts of the tree during production, engineered wood reduces waste.

Installation in more ways than one

What happens when the mode of installation does not suit your property? Thankfully, with engineered wood, you do not have to sweat it. Because of its dimensional stability, engineered wood gives the property owner the choice of installation they want. You have the option to nail it down, glue it down using adhesive or float it over an underlay. The choice lies with your preference and what works best for your property.

Engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a natural and timeless appeal to their space without breaking their bank. Sold yet? Us too. What’s not to like? We can safely say engineered hardwood is the entire package with curb appeal, cost efficiency, and versatility. So why not elevate the overall appeal of your space by injecting it into your property? You now have all the reasons to! 

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