Long gone are the days when we would pay our floors little to no mind. Flooring has come to mean much more to homeowners, which gives the character and personality of their space. And the strides manufacturers have made in the flooring industry are proof of this. Hardwood is not foreign, it is one of the oldest flooring choices, and to date, this classic material is still valuable to many people. The variation, designs, tones, and grain pattern of the material tops it among the best flooring choices.

Hickory flooring is a hardwood floor choice that comes from the famous pecan tree. The commonly used material for barbecuing is slowly making its way into homes, offices, and other spaces as a flooring option. For anyone considering hickory as a flooring choice, there are things you should know. Buying flooring for your space is more than the purchase; you need the insight to ensure you buy the right material, do the installation properly and maintain it properly. All this can be overwhelming for anyone who is not a flooring expert to navigate, so here is a guide to getting and keeping hickory hardwood flooring.

What to expect when buying hickory hardwood

Purchasing the flooring of your space without having all the facts is not advised. If you are going to make an informed decision when buying, here are some things you should anticipate.

Color variations

Hickory is no ordinary hardwood; the material comes in various shades ranging from creamy white, red tones to dark brown. This means you can incorporate any look that works best with your style.

High hardness score

The reason why most homeowners champion hickory hardwood is because of its durability. The resilience of hickory translates to it being a good flooring option. Unfortunately, hickory flooring has a score of 1820 on the scale, ranking it as the second hardest domestic floor.

Varied board sizes

Are you worried you may not find board sizes suited for you? Don’t! Hickory hardwood flooring boards and planks are available in different sizes. These variations make it easy for homeowners to find flooring suited to their needs. Most homeowners prefer wider planks; that way, they can stick to a uniform appearance in their space. It is, however, essential to remember the wider planks will cost you more.


When we are talking about the cost of materials, hickory falls at $4-$12 per sq ft, which is a fair price for hardwood. Remember, you will get a unique grain pattern for each board you get, so this price is a steal. Also, how much you spend on the installation depends on how big your room is because typically, the larger the room, the more you will spend.

Professional installation

If you are planning to install hickory hardwood in your space, prepare to hire experts to help out. Hickory is harder compared to other wood; this means it is harder to DIY when installing. Although not difficult to install, it requires time, patience, and some handy skills to pull off. To ensure your installation goes smoothly, seek the assistance of a flooring expert.


Just because you enjoy the striking characteristics of hardwood does not mean you are any less concerned about the environment. Because it is grown in North America, hickory is abundant and very sustainable. Therefore, homeowners do not have to stress about seeking out sustainably grown wood as long as it is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Guidelines to maintain hickory hardwood flooring

If hickory hardwood is an idea you have been toying around with, this guide is all the help you need to figure your way around the flooring more so, when it comes to maintaining the floor. Proper maintenance of the floors helps you get the most years out of the flooring, but it takes care of your part. So here are some tips for you.

Keep up with regular cleaning

Like any other floor, if you want to get the best out of your floors, you need to keep them clean with regular cleaning. Hickory hardwood is not really hard to keep up with; the floor can be wet mopped or sprayed with clean water.

Protect the floor from scratches

Hickory hardwood is a hard and resilient material, but that does not mean you should handle it with any less care. Although it can stand punishment, hickory can still sustain scratches when it is exposed to scratch objects.

Refinish periodically

Hickory hardwood flooring only gets better with age, so you can leave it untreated that rusty distressed style is your vibe. However, if you rather reduce the contrasting colors, you can get your floors stained or refinished. Pre-stained hickory tends to dull its shine with time, so keep it glossy or refresh the matte look, ensuring you attend to it. You can hire a professional to do it on your behalf if you are not skilled.

The task of keeping good floors is one homeowners do not take lightly. So right off the boat, you should know what you are walking into. This piece is all the hickory flooring guide you need to ensure you stay on loop when it comes to buying and keeping your hickory hardwood floors in good condition.

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