New floors are exciting! But hardwood floors are twice exciting; they are a classic that not everyone gets to enjoy. So many people drool over them for years, unable to get them, but here you are! The flooring expert has completed the installation, and you can’t help but admire your floors. Believe it or not, buying your floors and hiring a professional to complete the installation was the easy part.

They say not everyone can keep up with hardwood floors, and we agree. Hardwood floors are hard work (pun intended). Hardwood floors are a valuable investment because of their durability and timeless appearance; however, they are high maintenance. To get the most ROI from your floors, you need to keep up with maintenance and good care. Don’t go into panic mode just yet. There is nothing fancy about caring for hardwood floors, and we can prove it! Here is a compilation of guidelines you can follow to protect your floors and keep their beauty lasting.

Dust daily
Floors are expected to gather dust at the end of the day, but the case with hardwood floors is that dust and dirt can bring real damage to the floors. These elements scratch the floors, which hurts the aesthetic of the wood and shortens its life; thus, it is essential to keep these elements off the floors. Apart from keeping your floors clean, daily dusting reduces allergens in the home. Use a microfiber or terry cloth to dust as they reach into the floor pores and lift the dirt more easily. A felt vacuum head can also be used to get rid of the light dirt and dust on the floors.

Protect the floors from scratches

Scratches and scuffs are damaging to hardwood floors as they cause gorges that strip the floor’s appeal. Minimize the exposure of your floors to objects and items that scratch. Furniture and high heels can cause significant damage to your floors; therefore, avoid walking on the floors with high heels and keep your furniture padded with rubber. If you have pets in the home, keep their nails trimmed as they can also scratch the floor.

Wipe spills immediately

Water is the number one enemy of your hardwood floors. Wood tends to absorb moisture, swells causing long-term damage to the floors. The last thing anyone wants to hear is that their pricey oak hardwood floors need replacement due to water damage. Be careful with sill, however when they do occur, wipe them immediately as they occur; that way, you can avoid permanent stains.

Use hardwood-cleaning products

Cleaning day is here, and you want to do a deep clean on your hardwood floors. Granted, floors accumulate dirt that even daily dusting does not eliminate. You may think mopping is the way to go. Don’t! We do not recommend using water to clean; instead, use products designed for hardwood. Avoid abrasives and harsh products like acidic substances, bleach and ammonia-based cleaners that can damage the floor. Because your floors are new, you can consult with the manufacturer about the proper wood cleaner to use. Chances are they will recommend a specific cleaner made for your hardwood floors.

Refinish periodically

With time, high foot traffic takes a toll on even high resilient floors. After years, you will see your floors lose their shine and appearance. Don’t sweat it! The best part about hardwood floors, you can refinish them and restore their original look. However, your floors need to have a thickness that is more than ¼ inch; otherwise, refinishing will strip your floor. Refinishing should also be done at least seven to ten years apart, or your floors will wear faster.

Minimize direct sunlight

Direct UV sun rays cause fading in all types of floors, hardwood included. Unlike hardwood furniture that you can move around, floors remain where they are. So how can one minimize sunlight? Curtains. It would be a shame for your floors to become dull when you can easily invest in curtains that filter bright light.

Buying hardwood floors is expensive compared to other floor options like laminate. But there is something about authentic wood floors that have homeowners clinging to them. When you think about it, the maintenance of the floors is a small price to pay for the curb appeal it injects into your space. Use these tips to care for your hardwood flooring properly and keep it in great condition for years.

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