It’s amazing how much more professional an office space can look when form and function meet design. For this reason, the right flooring material can truly elevate a work environment and enhance both its elegance and its efficiency.

There are many top-of-the-mind considerations to take into account when choosing office flooring. It needs to match the aesthetic of the company’s brand while also withstanding a high degree of foot traffic. Carpet tiles are a popular choice because they manage to tick most of the boxes when it comes to versatility, practicality and affordability.

Carpet tile

Let’s look at some of their advantages:

Easy to install

Modular carpet tiles are easier to install than one long carpet roll, which is tricky and challenging. No padding is required to lay them as is usually the case with carpet flooring as each modular square already has a backing with each fiber bonded onto the carpet. If you want your tile to have a thicker feel when you walk on it, choose one with a cushion backing – this gives the carpet a soft feel and makes it comfortable to walk on barefoot.


Easy to replace

One of the most obvious advantages of carpet tiles is the ability to replace the parts that are soiled without needing to worry about the rest of the carpet. Although adhesive is required when laying carpet tiles, carpet tiles are still easy to pull up, restore and wash or replace altogether. You can even move the squares around to change the design. Practical and easy to clean, carpet tiles are ideal for areas frequented by children, aged care facilities and hospitals where flooring is easily soiled. Most people buy a few extra pieces to replace any which are damaged further down the line.



Known for their longevity, carpet tiles have a life of at least eight years of hard wear and tear, and possibly even longer bearing in mind that they can be moved around. Rather than need to replace the entire carpet, you only need to repair or replace the frayed individual carpet tiles. When it looks a little worn, just switch over a tile in an area with high traction to one with less visitors. All up, it is no coincidence that these long-lasting anti-fatique carpets are used in workout rooms where durability is essential – along with content.


Open-plan office areas, libraries and museums benefit greatly from carpet tiles which muffle out noise. Thanks to the carpet tiles’ heightened sense of shock absorption, they are an ideal option for quiet public spaces. Freed from the distraction of sounds on harder floorings, employees should be able to focus on their day-to-day tasks better without the added sound of more traditional flooring.

Carpet tile

Design Variety

Cut into squares of different sizes (48×48, 50×50, 60×60 and 96×96), carpet tiles can be fitted together in various ways giving a different look with the same carpet patches. The modular squares can be joined in different ways to match the general decor and design or be moved around from time to time thanks to the inherent design flexibility found in carpet tile. Choices are infinite thanks to the wide range of radiant colors and textures, from those with hobnail features to ribbed carpet tiles. You can choose colors to match your logo or even customize the carpet tiles by stamping them with bespoke designs, which are bound to be conversation starters. When carefully thought out, the design of the carpet tiles can truly express the brand of the company using them. Best of all, they can turn a boring lackluster space into an energized area that will get creative juices flowing.


Carpet tiles are truly a versatile option, but with so many choices it’s hard to know which is best for your space, and that’s where our experience and knowledge “kicks in”. As installers, we know how to make your tiles rock and can give you helpful design when making your choices. Contact us for more information about different carpet tiles and we’ll show you how to use them to the best advantage of your office space. Call us to see samples of our carpet tiles and find out more about our wide range of carpet tiles and their specific features.