If you are an owner or a manager of a business, residential property, or other property who is in need of an easy and long-lasting answer to effortlessly hygienic flooring, the flash cove method could provide you with exactly the type of flooring that you’ve been looking for.  Flash cove flooring is a method of installation where sheet flooring goes 4-6 inches up the wall and forms a revolutionary seamless base, creating the perfect sanitary environment. In this case, sheet flooring can be linoleum, marmoleum, or vinyl sheet flooring type.


The Flash Cove Method Creates the Ultimate Hygienic Flooring

The reason that the flash cove method has become so increasingly popular in the realm of hygienic workplaces is that it creates a seamless crease between the floor and the wall. This crease helps prevent the types of water seepage and dirt build-up that have become notorious in buildings of all types, as well as the growth of bacteria that these build-ups can promote. On top of this, the uniquely rounded shape of flash cove flooring can make it a whole lot easier to thoroughly clean the junction between the floor and the wall, meaning that your work area will remain sanitary and hygienic without the need for extraneous deep cleaning between the seams!

Perfect for Any Type of Residential or Commercial Building!

Because of its revolutionary application, the flash cove method for flooring has been utilized in a vast array of building types. Flash cove flooring is commonly utilized in retirement homes, daycares, hospitals, clinics, schools, and even state-of-the-art laboratories. If you’ve got a location that needs to stay in pristine condition, flash cove flooring may end up being your go-to option.

Flash Cove Flooring Can Work with Any Design

As leaders in the field of flash cove flooring, we work with top-of-the-line innovators such as Forbo, Armstrong, Gerflor, and many others to provide cutting-edge designs, styles, and patterns for all types of buildings. Opting for the best option in sanitary flooring doesn’t mean you have to cut corners when it comes to fashion and design. With our vast array of options when it comes to flash cove flooring, we guarantee a style that will fit the unique needs of your workplace. The flash cove method can be made to utilize many different types of resilient sheet flooring materials, and that means that you’ll never have to sacrifice or compromise the integrity of your building’s unique design.

Flash cove-design

Flash Cove Flooring Creates the Perfect Sanitary Conditions

If you are an owner or a manager of a business or any other type of building that requires the most extreme sanitary conditions, flash cove flooring makes it easy to prevent water and moisture damage, as well as the growth of dangerous bacteria. With the simple innovation of creating an unbroken seem between the floor and the wall, the flash cove method vastly decreases the opportunity for bacteria and mold growth, and vastly increases the sterility and cleanliness of your building, all for a one-time installation fee.

Flash Cove Flooring Can Increase the Integrity of Your Property

If you would like to learn more about flash cove flooring from an expert installer, contact us today! As professional flooring installers in the Toronto and GTA area we can help educate you and your business on all of the many cutting-edge flash cove installations that are changing the way the industry looks at hygienic flooring! Whether you’re a business-owner, homeowner, or a manager of any other type of residential or commercial building, flash cove installation can make a huge difference in the overall integrity of your property.

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