Walnut hardwood is an indication of richness and luxury.

Do you know that walnut was known as a symbol of fertility in history from ancient Greek times to modern Europe?

In these days, we can consider it the most popular trend in interior design.

You can use it for a rustic country kitchen, a formal sitting-room, city-loft in high-rise buildings and anything in between.

Walnut flooring is a popular choice for homeowners these days. In this post, we will discuss its types, colour options, costs, pros and cons, and much more!



There are many available options when we talk about types of walnut wood. We won’t argue, it is difficult choice to make! You can go as sophisticated as Montreal walnut to more universal American. We picked four most common types to give you some idea of market options:

American Walnut

This type contains a warm purplish-brown colour in the centre and the lighter tones at outer layers.

Black Walnut

It is also known as Gun-wood and has a dark coloured heartwood along with deep grains which give a beautiful look to it.

Brazilian Walnut (IPE)

It is relatively very dark in colour tone than the other types. Brazilian walnut covering is more resistant to damage from the mould and insects.

Asian Walnut (Acacia)

This type has a unique and peculiar grain and warm honey colouring-tone.




As for every wood flooring, you have an option of solid hardwood (one piece wood) or engineered hardwood (layers of plywood and wood).

To find more information about what option fits your lifestyle better,  check this blog.


Next step is to decide between pre-finished walnut flooring (factory stain applied) or unfinished walnut flooring (raw wood).

Please note that pre-finished floors are considered the longer-lasting and more durable. However, unfinished walnut gives you complete customization! We will discuss about colour option further in this blog.

If you think hardwood may not be the best floor covering for you household, we advise to take a look at laminate walnut flooring.


Lets talk about colours & stain selection:

Natural colours are considered significant for walnut flooring, either you select chocolate hues or lighter-tones in Carlisle’s wide plank Walnut, sapwood and darker heartwood.


Did you know?

In particular regions of mid-west where most seasoned trees are harvested and steamed to enhance the magnificence of natural tannins. The timber is kiln- and air-dried before the process to achieve the elegance of each plank. As a result, walnut flooring naturally resembles mocha and become fit for every design.


Do you find yourself too picky? Nothing fits the style of your home?
No worries!
Our team offers custom stain application. Starting with installation of unfinished walnut wood floor (raw wood), we then apply custom stain that you carefully designed with assistance of our artisans. We have done this process so many times for high-end restaurants and luxury custom houses. From floors to staircases to countertops.




Walnut designs are available in various texture and shades.

Have you observed that dark toned walnut provides a relatively elegant and modern look than lighter-toned walnut?

If you are making a traditional home and want to use darker walnut floor, then use smaller plank width. It will give a natural aesthetic and more wood grain to your floor. When you use wider plank, it creates spacious open look.

Darker wood absorbs light that is why it’s less susceptible. Please keep in mind that a lighter floor requires frequent refinishing as compare to darker wood floor. The darker colour shows fine grains then a lighter colour. The darker walnut tones show more dirt and dust but it can avoid by careful placement of the rugs and doormats.

You can choose your favourite style: different texture and shades of walnut are available in the market. Modern interior decorating and design are carried out by walnut wood using vibrant brown colours. Also add modern furniture for a fantastic look into the classic and contemporary interior design.




Different types of wood have different hardness levels. You will find Brazilian Walnut far harder than Black Walnut and American Walnut floors. It implies that scratch and dent can easily place on American Walnut floors then Brazilian.

Despite wood type and its hardness, you should aware of the measures to maintain the flooring in an excellent condition. You should also have enough protection of the floors. Be careful and use doormats and rugs in the high traffic areas of the house, and also don’t wear high-heels indoor.

For a complete list of common problems that you may face and how to avoid them, check our blog Common Floor & Stairs Problems.




Kindly keep in mind that low-cost walnut flooring is not a good choice for few reasons. If you noticed a significantly lower price for walnut flooring than average market cost, it means that this product most likely was shipped outside of Canada. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that manufacture if following standards. A low-cost walnut floors crack within a short period after installation.

It will be also difficult for you to repair wood flooring repeatedly if the quality is low. High-quality walnut is easily available in Canada and it will cost you just one time. Walnut flooring has the ability to last for decades if you choose good quality and good care of it. We recommend quality over cost.



  • adds worth and value to the home and considered as an attractive feature to the buyer;
  • is more modern and alluring flooring than carpeting or laminate flooring;
  • presents a captivating sumptuous feeling through its warm, deep chocolate tones. These tones are very much in trend these days.;
  • is available in many finishes, plank sizes, and colours. Walnut flooring uses for the decor purpose in different interior designs such as modern, traditional, slick minimalism and farmhouse chic, etc;
  • is considered as an excellent investment as it is very resilient and durable;
  • lasts for a life-time if one takes good care of it;
  • is unique and it is not common as oak or maple, so a selection of walnut flooring is more desirable and welcoming nowadays.



  • Walnut flooring is more costly as compared to laminate and carpets;
  • Depending upon the numbers of foot traffic on the floor and your care routine, it requires to refinish after some time as for every wood flooring type;
  • American walnut is quite soft, so it is easier to scratch, or dent as compared to other wood types. If your lifestyle is active with young children and pets, then, Brazilian Walnut would be a more suitable choice than American walnut.




In the end, walnut flooring is great option for everyone who really wants a captivating hardwood floor in their house.

There is a flexible choice in choosing the desired colour, type and style in walnut, and we will offer you an affordable service.



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